Frequently Asked Questions

How much free time will I have during the Camp?

The Camp schedule is well paced but full. As a general rule, you can expect to be busy the entire time the camp operates. There will be frequent and regular breaks throughout the day; however, they will be of short duration (10-15 minutes).

On days where an ice session immediately follows breakfast or lunch you will be required to "suit up" soon after you have eaten, in time to be on the ice promptly at the scheduled start time. 

Most of your time in the evenings will be taken up with pre-game preparation, officiating, de-briefing and "off-ice coaching." Youth involved in the "Quick Start" program will officiate the early games and will be finished for the day between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. All other participants will be finished for the day between 10:00 and 10:30 p.m.

Is it possible for friends or relatives to visit with me or watch me officiate during the camp?

Certainly! In fact, we encourage it. Friends and relatives are free to visit or watch you any time you have an event scheduled on the ice. Immediate family members may visit with you in your room. Visitors are not permitted to attend classroom or guest speaker sessions.

Are there any hidden costs during the camp?

No. Your registration cost covers tuition, books, ice time and meals. However, accommodation is a separate expense. Your registration fee does not cover discretionary expenses like skate sharpening, snack bar purchases and phone calls.

Must I eat all my meals at the camp?

No. While your registration fee includes meals, you are not obligated to eat the meals provided. However, the School will not reimburse for meals skipped or for the cost of eating meals elsewhere. Also, participants will not be provided with breakfast.

I have special dietary needs. Can these be accommodated?

Yes. Please contact the Camp Director, Steve Wallace, by email to make arrangements for special meals. Steve's email address is His phone number is (705) 444-4012.

When should I show up each morning?

All events start promptly at 9:00 a.m. Arrive in sufficient time to park your vehicle and get to your first event before 8:55 a.m.

Is overnight accommodation available.

Yes and no. The CSHO does not offer or organize overnight accomodation for participants. However, there are many hotel choices within 5 miles of the rink. You are free to select and book your own accommodation if required.

I don't have a CSA approved helmet or half visor. Do I really need one at the camp?

Yes. This camp is an official Hockey Canada Officiating Program (HCOP) event sanctioned by Hockey Canada. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to wear a properly fitting and fastened CSA approved helmet and half-visor.

Can I purchase referee equipment through the School?

Not directly, however, First Place Sports, one of the best referee equipment and supply outfitters in North America, is a supporter of Referee Summer Camp. We recommend that you contact First Place Sports directly if you require referee equipment. Call them toll free at (800) 377-5449.

How can I get my skates sharpened while attending the camp?

A skate sharpening service is available at the arena's pro shop. Cost is about $6.00.

Should I be nervous about the written examination? Do I have to write it?

If you pay attention during the camp you will be extremely well prepared for the exam and will likely have no problem achieving a pass, so don't be overly concerned about writing the exam. You must write and pass this exam if you want to be a certified Hockey Canada hockey official for the upcoming hockey season when you leave the camp.

What is the earliest time that I can leave the camp and still complete the requirements for HCOP certification?

Full time participants cannot leave without having completed the written examination. Accordingly, one can depart the camp with HCOP certification is noon on Thursday.

I am a new hockey official. After I finish this camp how do I join a hockey league as a referee?

Before you leave this camp, we will provide you with the name and telephone number of referee co-ordinators in your area who are looking for new officials like yourself.

I still have some questions about Referee Summer Camp. Where can I get the answers to these questions?

Email your questions about registration, accommodation and payment of camp fees to the School's Registrar, Michelle Fata, at or call (416) 636-6845 ext 225. Email your questions about camp activities, curriculum and upgrades to the School's Director, Steve Wallace, at or call (705) 444-4012.